How to enable picture in picture mode for web player hotstar IPL 2020

It is useful to just enable PIP mode for the video player so we can watch the match on the side while doing other works!

Streaming from jitsi to wowza instead of youtube

In case you want to send the live stream to wowza instead of youtube that you share by default on jitsi – it can be done by a simple hack.

So by default the jitsi/jibri sends stream to rtmp://

Changing the jibri – ffmpeg hook to change it to different address is not a trivial task. But what you can do is edit the /etc/hosts file and add a line like

#/etc/hosts localhost

Now you have made the system to route the to your server IP. – which can have wowza or any rtmp server.

The main thing here is there should be an live application in wowza named “live2” and you are done. Now you “start live stream” on jitsi meet. and your live2 application in wowza should receive it 🙂

I have setup some production systems that use this logic without any problems. So its safe and it works without much hassle in setup.

Install Jitsi with recording/streaming on Ubuntu 20.04 AWS instance.

To install jitsi with jibri(recording & streaming module) on aws it takes quite a list of things to be done in sequence and more often than not results in some silly mistake somewhere which makes it a pain to get it working completely as expected. Since i have been setting up around 15-20 servers in the last month or so – I had become quite aware of the sequence of installation steps on ubuntu 16.04. Wanted to try the sequence in 20.04 latest LTS version of ubuntu. Surprisingly, the following sequence of steps makes it work in 20.04 without any problem. I was able to achieve installation to a working solution in under 20 mins 🙂 Not bad!

The sequence of things to do is: (all commands are run as root and server hostname shoudl replace which was where I installed.)

Entire video of the 20 minutes of installation is here:

  • The ports to be opened on the server instance is shown below:
  • Since AWS comes with aws kernel image and jibri needs generic image to record sounds thru sound module. we have to install the generic kernel image and boot to it. its just few commands to get it working :
$apt -y install linux-image-extra-virtual
$vim /boot/grub/grub.cfg
## Find out the new kernel from above and make it as default 
## so the first line on below file looks something like
## GRUB_DEFAULT='gnulinux-advanced-ce780dbf-6f70-412d-87dd-61654730a231>gnulinux-5.4.0-42-generic-advanced-ce780dbf-6f70-412d-87dd-61654730a231'

$vim /etc/default/grub 
## add above modification as per your generic kernel version you installed. Checkout the youtube video link if you have any doubts. 


  • Install latest google chrome and web driver.
curl -sS -o - | apt-key add
echo "deb [arch=amd64] stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list
apt-get -y update
apt-get -y install google-chrome-stable

unzip ~/ -d ~/
rm ~/
sudo mv -f ~/chromedriver /usr/local/bin/chromedriver
sudo chown root:root /usr/local/bin/chromedriver
sudo chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/chromedriver

Install jibri

wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add - 
sudo sh -c "echo 'deb stable/' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jitsi-stable.list"
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install jibri    

Configure Jibri

echo "snd-aloop" >> /etc/modules 
mkdir /srv/recordings
chown jibri:jitsi /srv/recordings
vim /etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json 
## Modify the domain and all string that is xmpp.domain to your server hostname . I was installing on so it will look like the following:

Restart jibri

systemctl restart jibri   
systemctl status jibri 

Install jitsi-meet and remove TLSv1.3 from nginx config.

apt install jitsi-meet
vim /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ ## in line 25 make change so it is [ ssl_protocols TLSv1.2 ] ; remove TLSv1.3
systemctl restart nginx

certbot-auto has problems with ubuntu 20.04 so do following

apt install certbot
vim /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/ 
## under condition if [ -f /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/$DOMAIN.conf ] ; then 
## replace ./certbot-auto to certbot (without ./) so it looks like:

Update prosody config with recorder domain

vim /etc/prosody/conf.d/ 
VirtualHost ""
  modules_enabled = {
  authentication = "internal_plain"
so it looks like:
prosodyctl register username password
prosodyctl register username password
##username and password are default strings set in jibri config if you need to change you can set your custom names/passwords in initial jibri/config.json file

edit sip properties file as below:

vim /etc/jitsi/jicofo/
## add below lines:

Enable services so they autostart on server bootup (if required) and add user mod for jibri user

systemctl enable nginx.service
systemctl enable jitsi-videobridge2.service
systemctl enable jicofo.service
systemctl enable prosody.service
systemctl enable jibri.service
sudo usermod -aG adm,audio,video,plugdev jibri

Add hiddenDomain to jitsi meet config so it does not show recorder joinee as another conference user:

vim /etc/jitsi/meet/ 
# add
hiddenDomain: '',

Reboot and you are done. You should have the server working with recordings stored in /srv/recordings and live streaming should work as expected as well.

Is the zoom app not safe anymore?

Zoom app which has found its use on the rise especially during these COVID-19 times where most social gatherings have been banned and people are locked down from their houses has been threatened to security issues.

It is a video-conferencing app that is being used for online meetings, online classes for teachers to teach their students, etc. However, the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) has warned against its use stating that it’s not safe for use as it is a threat to cybersecurity since many users have complained of hackers hijacking video calls and passwords getting leaked. Some countries already banned their use such as Germany and Singapore.

Some guidelines have then been set for the safety of the users by the government of India. These include security which ensures no unauthorized entry in the conference using a zoom app because any unknown person can carry out malicious activity.

Drones to help coastguard in search and rescue (SAR) operations!

Soon drones are set to take part in the maritime and coastal search and rescue operations according to the MCA (Maritime and coastguard agency). This is a contract that is set to be awarded in 2024 for Scotland residents.

These are the new technologies that the MCA plans to use whereby images and other useful information gathered by drones will be used in the development of the emergency services response to a situation. These drones are controlled from a highly equipped technology room or building and therefore they are unmanned. They will be able to visit and offer rescue to areas beyond air, sea, and land-based recovery teams.

In times like now where people are supposed to be two meters away from each other use of technology, devices are playing a major role in containing the spread of the virus.

Netflix vs WaltDisney vs HBOMax

Netflix has always provided the best streaming services over the years with all the movies and shows for kids and all other kind of movies, but now it has become very hard to blow the titles in Disney’s library. With the current situation of corona virus people have a lot of time to catch up with all the movies and shows they have been longing to see.

Netflix is running low on its previous supremacy and legacy of streaming and people are getting to choose what to use, whether Disney or the HBO max about to be launched in June.

Netflix is said to be like a jack of all trades where it has no specifications but brings out everything and therefore it is hard when it comes to ranking it. On the other hand, Disney has been ranked the best in various categories e.g. kids’ movies and HBO max too.

Trading standards group targets anti-5G USB stick

These trading officers are looking forward to stopping sales of a device that is being said to protect against the dangers of the 5G network through the use of quantum energy.

The cyber-security experts have compared this stick to be just like the normal USB driven where one of them said that it is a scam and are working with the court to bring the website of the company that is selling them down.

The vendor company is known as BioShield distribution argued that the device had received a back up from research and had not yet responded to the latest advancements. The 5Gbioshield is said to come in packs of three and it is known as ‘holographic nano-layer catalyzer’ which protects against the 5G negative health effects on your family and home.

It is said to balance the disturbing frequencies that come from electric devices in use e.g. laptops, PCs, etc.

stop-COVID contact tracing app in France

Spreading from France is that French smartphone users can download a coronavirus contact-tracing app which coincides with the move that France made on the restriction of the opening of some restaurants, hotels, beaches, and resorts amongst other public gathering areas.

The app which is being commonly referred to as the ‘stop-COVID’ tracing app is set to do the work being carried out by the France technicians to contact trace people who got close to surfaces infected with the virus or people.

However, it has not been welcomed warmly since some people think that it is exposing people’s privacy and a threat to freedom of expression and not being able to move at peace because it is monitoring everywhere you go for those who have it installed.

We cannot afford to miss the current developments and innovations being created though. We are only optimistic that the best gets to rule at the end of the day.

Tiktok broadens its reach with Covid19 around

This is now every person talks of the day! The short-form video creation app has taken over the social media platforms with the majority of the young people seem addicted to making lip-syncs and short looping videos.

It is exciting that this app seems to have given people something to do especially during the lockdown and with long days at home it is for sure a great form of has been installed from both play store and Appstore on more than 1billion android smartphones and devices.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus many users have emerged and in Europe, the users have been restrained from watching the content for about a month to avoid internet traffic since everyone is home.

The most popular things happening on TikTok are the lip-syncing videos and challenges posted especially during this pandemic from all kinds of contents. Though, simultaneously there is also “chinese app remover” app rage catching fire.

Google maps to help Local businesses!

Google map service on the tech news is mentioned to increase support for regional businesses to help during these difficult economical times. The coronavirus pandemic has hit hard all businesses and more severely the local businesses.

In a run to ease the already affected world of business, the online directions map has brought about features like the ability to monitor by name if local businesses have donations connections on their online profiles. This makes it possible to receive a hand from good wishers and other donors to aid in fighting against this crisis by using the search tool.

Online classes of various merchants are set to start with the help of google map and book a virtual appointment because of lockdowns and restrictions in accessing these areas.

In the few past months since the COVID-19 pandemic started some restaurants and hotels have come up with new strategies in their hotels and menus and dining areas are still being sorted out.