Xbox’s exclusive best

We all know about ps4 games which have set a trend enormously and have been distinguished worldwide. Have you heard of the Xbox one all exclusive which is much better …


New MIUI12 beta features

Focusing on the current and trending tech news is that there is an incredible update on the Xiaomi phones that gives them ultimate uniqueness. What could this feature be? It …

The New Huawei Watch GT 2e.

The world is turning into a digital place where everything is digitalized and smart and making advances every single day. Brands are working to have the entire universe operating on …

NASA cancels Space X launch, claims lightning terrors.

NASA has delayed the milestone mission of launching Space X over lightning uncertainties and terrors. The international space station has kept the world waiting and now it was canceled with the NASA astronauts Bob and Doug Hurley broke into the Crew Dragon capsule, the takeoff platform withdrew and rocket fueling underway, Space X aborted the mission.

Scammers on WhatsApp social network in the spotlight.

WhatsApp scammers are on the rise and they are coming up with new technological ways to manipulate users of this app by hacking the users’ account by asking for verification code. The scammers are faking to be the “WhatsApp technical team” and ask for your verification code.

Windows 10 may 2020 upgrade is out!

Windows 10 upgrade is available now! To install this updated version of Windows 10 on your PC, you need to follow this procedure; go to settings on your PC. Select on Update and security then click on windows update. Click on check for updates button. On the features update to windows 10, version 2004 section click the download and install now button. Click the Restart now button.