Streaming from jitsi to wowza instead of youtube

In case you want to send the live stream to wowza instead of youtube that you share by default on jitsi – it can be done by a simple hack.

So by default the jitsi/jibri sends stream to rtmp://

Changing the jibri – ffmpeg hook to change it to different address is not a trivial task. But what you can do is edit the /etc/hosts file and add a line like

#/etc/hosts localhost

Now you have made the system to route the to your server IP. – which can have wowza or any rtmp server.

The main thing here is there should be an live application in wowza named “live2” and you are done. Now you “start live stream” on jitsi meet. and your live2 application in wowza should receive it 🙂

I have setup some production systems that use this logic without any problems. So its safe and it works without much hassle in setup.

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