Trading standards group targets anti-5G USB stick

Trading standards group targets anti-5G USB stick

These trading officers are looking forward to stopping sales of a device that is being said to protect against the dangers of the 5G network through the use of quantum energy.

The cyber-security experts have compared this stick to be just like the normal USB driven where one of them said that it is a scam and are working with the court to bring the website of the company that is selling them down.

The vendor company is known as BioShield distribution argued that the device had received a back up from research and had not yet responded to the latest advancements. The 5Gbioshield is said to come in packs of three and it is known as ‘holographic nano-layer catalyzer’ which protects against the 5G negative health effects on your family and home.

It is said to balance the disturbing frequencies that come from electric devices in use e.g. laptops, PCs, etc.

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