Tiktok broadens its reach with Covid19 around

This is now every person talks of the day! The short-form video creation app has taken over the social media platforms with the majority of the young people seem addicted to making lip-syncs and short looping videos.

It is exciting that this app seems to have given people something to do especially during the lockdown and with long days at home it is for sure a great form of entertainment.it has been installed from both play store and Appstore on more than 1billion android smartphones and devices.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus many users have emerged and in Europe, the users have been restrained from watching the content for about a month to avoid internet traffic since everyone is home.

The most popular things happening on TikTok are the lip-syncing videos and challenges posted especially during this pandemic from all kinds of contents. Though, simultaneously there is also “chinese app remover” app rage catching fire.

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