Windows 10 may 2020 upgrade is out!

On the latest news in technology is that there is an upgrade for the users of laptops and other personal computers on Windows 10. This upgrade comes out with interesting features advancements such as editor’s notepad, Wi-Fi 6 support, security improvements, and controls where you can go password less, it also enhances the connection between your PC and your smartphone together.

With these features and many more, your time in windows is saved and you get to enjoy using your laptop to do your work at home especially during these odd times of this year.

Windows 10 upgrade is available now! To install this updated version of Windows 10 on your PC, you need to follow this procedure; go to settings on your PC. Select on Update and security then click on windows update. Click on check for updates button. On the features update to windows 10, version 2004 section click the download and install now button. Click the Restart now button.

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