Scammers on WhatsApp social network in the spotlight.

WhatsApp scammers are on the rise and they are coming up with new technological ways to manipulate users of this app by hacking the users’ account by asking for verification code. The scammers are faking to be the “WhatsApp technical team” and ask for your verification code. Before you notice they will have convinced you to send them money.

One way to realize if you are being scammed is receiving a message through a WhatsApp message, this is a clear indication that it is not real because the one communicates to its users through its twitter account.

As a WhatsApp user, stay alert and well informed about these scammers. A key point to note is that the WhatsApp Company doesn’t ask for any form of personal details! Under no circumstances should you ever share your OTP with anyone. Do not click into any anonymous inks that are sent to you by friends.

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