NASA cancels Space X launch, claims lightning terrors.

NASA has delayed the milestone mission of launching Space X over lightning uncertainties and terrors. The international space station has kept the world waiting and now it was canceled with the NASA astronauts Bob and Doug Hurley broke into the Crew Dragon capsule, the takeoff platform withdrew and rocket fueling underway, Space X aborted the mission.

This mission aborting was announced at the eleventh hour when it was least expected. The launch director Mike Taylor said that it was unfortunate that they were not going to launch it today. This happened on Wednesday the 27th of May, 2020 a few minutes to the official launching time.

The NASA chief, Jim Bridenstine added that if it was launched it would trigger lightning. How absurd?

The mission was to be the first led by a private company and the mission was to take place amidst the coronavirus pandemic which had the lead crew quarantined for two weeks before it.

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