VR – Occulus Go

Oculus Go is a virtual reality headset developed by Facebook Technologies in partnership with Qualcomm and Xiaomi. It’s in the first generation of Facebook Technologies’ virtual reality headsets, and the company’s first device in the category of standalone VR headsets. Oculus Go was disclosed on October 11, 2017, during the Oculus Connect developer conference, and then it was later released on May 1, 2018.  Virtual reality Oculus Go contains all the necessary components to provide virtual reality experiences and doesn’t require a connection to an external device for one to use it.

These headsets use Fresnel lenses that have better quality than those used in the company’s previous headset, the Oculus Rift and provide a field of view that gives the Oculus Go a better display fidelity. These headsets Input is provided with a wireless controller that works like a laser pointer by utilizing non-positional degrees of freedom tracking, making it capable of static-standing activities. However, this virtual reality oculus go is unsuitable for room-scale applications.

Virtual reality Oculus Go uses the Android mobile operating system and includes applications for watching both traditional, immersive video and other media from various sources, as well as streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, TV channels and Hulu. Apps provided with the headset include Oculus Gallery, Oculus Video, and Oculus TV. Oculus App is available for Android and iOS users. The Oculus Store gives users access to many VR experiences, ranging from action games to expressive stories among others.

Oculus Go is the most comfortable Virtual reality headset with a Sharp-looking display and effective built-in speakers with three-dimensional audio. It also enables people to access Hundreds of apps. The oculus setup app works with iOS and Android phones.  Oculus Go also enables users to Connect with others on social chats with Go.

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