How is Android TV App Development different from Android Mobile App Development

Mobile app developers say that even though the development of android mobile apps and android television apps are based on the same core technology, the rules and essence of development are different.  When developing the television applications, the user interaction in the ‘TV’ environment is achieved by handling Remote Control key-initiated events, as opposed to handling simple touches and clicks made on the device in the android mobile phones. Due to this, there is extra complexity regarding the reaction of the device to new updates of the application.

There is another difference in how the UI system elements require a unique concept when developing remote-controlled apps for android televisions compared to how mobile apps are used. There is also a physical and intelligent difference in the user experience of using a mobile to serve the purpose that television can serve which explains that the android mobile apps cannot be developed like the android television applications. Because the android television apps are going to be remote-controlled in the TV set, the user interaction is much simpler. This is why the design of television apps is more simplified than that of mobile applications. Also, the guidelines of Google regarding television applications are different from those of the android mobile apps so the applications cannot be the same.

Lastly, the android televisions use power from the main switch thus no battery concerns are involved, unlike the android mobiles. This way, using the television network connection is mostly wired thus there’s no data plan affected. With the android televisions, you don’t have to worry about whether a user downloads applications on mobile data or the Wi-Fi and this constancy is useful to app developers as well as to the android TV users. Due to these reasons among others, there has to be a difference between the android mobile apps and the android televisions.



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