Youtube Addiction!

With internet advancement over the years, the one task that is becoming hard is parenting. Drawing back to the good old days when the internet had not taken over massively, the only place where videos could be watched was the conventional television. Nowadays parents do not have control over their children because of youtube. Considering a baby will prefer watching “baby shark” than listening to their mums’ old lullaby, then the internet has full control in this world regardless of age. The youth spend their day and nights on their phones, laptops watching videos. The same as their parents especially the stay at home moms with the recipe tutorials. This addiction knows no age nor races it is a global disease with uncountable victims.

Youtube is definitely a haven of a kind because you can learn about everything, get entertained by music and interact with events globally but it is a behavioral addiction. you definitely know that you are addicted to youtube once you log in to the application more frequently than usual even when you have other plans for the day. The funny thing about becoming a youtube addict is that you lose yourself watching the entertainment and subscribing to channels that notify you whenever new releases are out. Without realizing it, you end up losing yourself and feel that you cannot do without youtube and that is how many people mess up.

Luckily, youtube addiction can be controlled by setting a specific time to watch your favorite videos and strictly follow the schedule despite the temptations. However, this requires a lot of self-discipline where you won’t give yourself excuses. Consistency is also a main requirement because you cannot procrastinate the schedule. Incase temptations become many, it is advisable that individuals should try keeping themselves busy by doing other activities such as house chores. This way youtube addiction can be controlled.

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