SmartTV in school ecosystem

Well, gone are the days when teachers would attract students’ attention by using just a marker pen on a whiteboard. Especially with the youth, mainly high school and university students getting their attention in class require more than just a whiteboard. This is how smart TVs have started enhancing efficiency in higher learning globally. A Smart TV is both a television set with advanced Internet abilities and a set-top box for a TV set that offers more advanced computing capability as well as connectivity than the basic used TV sets. The highly advanced institutions are installing these TV setups to enable students to concentrate when the teachers are teaching. This also improves the participation of students in the class.

Firstly, smart TVs encourage student participation because they have the capacity of playing videos, showing slideshows, image streams and they allow downloading of word quizzes or tutorials to solve various subjects. This way students become actively part of the lessons.

Secondly, smart TVs enhance group work and brainstorming because teachers can download group works online where students group themselves and team up. Also, the smart tv bridges the gap between the student and teachers because some things that the teachers cannot explain due to the age barrier, they are all explained well online. The convenience of using smart TVs cannot be compared with traditional teaching because cloud storage is enabled and teachers share teaching aids online. This saves on time and makes it much more convenient.

Lastly, online learning is enhanced even when the students are away from school they can still be part of the live classwork. This makes studying easier and accessing education materials is easy because they are all online. Many schools are adopting the use of smart televisions because they are making learning experiences better and easier.

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