Agile Development Methodology

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) helps in quality planning for any product. It is a framework for the planning, control, creation, testing, and delivery of software. It mainly consists of different phases, requirements and analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Depending on all the pre-decided parameters, various SDLC methodologies are worked out.

The most efficient and effective methodology proven is Agile SDLC model. It is an approach where the requirements and solutions of the customer are fulfilled employing the collaborative work of the multiple cross-functional teams and the end-users, including customers or the clients. It helps in adapting to new changes at any given time, eliminating all unrequired or pointless activities. It further helps in understanding the market requirements and promotes the efficient use of limited resources.

The Agile SDLC model works on two approaches- Iterative & Incremental. In the incremental approach, you work on software following each step. You wait for the final step for the completion of the product.

In the Iterative approach, you create a draft version, allows it to function and do refinements as in when required. It will enable the development team to work on the bigger picture, and which also gives them the freedom to make changes to the product more easily.


How to use Agile SDLC for Effective and Efficient Results

  • Set your goal correctly to deliver quick, efficient, and long term results.
  • Accept the smooth transition, be it if failure or success. Let the team learn and grow.
  • Change the team spirit — select dedicated mentors and coaches.
  • Effective micro-management helps to balance out the work and allow the organization to grow.
  • Adapt new and innovative ideas. Try and discover your own path.
  • No encouragement to command and control.


For Agile SDLC, always keep in mind that it’s essential to combine this aim-oriented workflow with customer validation to deliver a top-notch product.

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