Roku – Going strong in the US!

The word ROKU originated from a Japanese word meaning six because it was the sixth organization founded by the owner Anthony Wood. This is a streaming device that provides over the top media services in the form of video channels by receiving data through a high-speed internet connection. The contents of ROKU are available in the form of audio or videos available in any device models through an internet connection. Having branded its first smart television in 2014, ROKU has become popular in the United States.  It has many advanced models that are being integrated to increase user experience.

The content on ROKU devices includes; the ROKU channels that are extensive and viewers can choose from the channel store and watch their favorite shows. There is also another unique feature about the ROKU platform where it enables viewers to create new channels and also developers can test their new releases through the ROKU website. It also enhances live streaming of licensed content that ranges from shows to movies as well as music videos. The movies from famous studios like Lionsgate, paramount, warner bros, as well as Disney, are all available and this is why ROKU is commonly used in the US this is why it is popular.

The benefits of ROKU that have made it gain popularity in the US include; the ability to explore online videos from movies to YouTube among other streaming films. It also has the feature of voice searching where you can simply command it to search for your channels without using the remote control. This is all from the comfort of your seat, bed or anywhere in your home. It also has the feature of allowing viewers to watch shows using the headphones and enjoying the peace.  ROKU also allows viewers to stream not only from the pc but also from the USB and also the phone. Lastly, ROKU is easy to use therefore it is convenient for anyone.

If you are a content provider or streamer looking to generate revenue properly from the US market, it is an undeniable fact – you have to have a Roku Channel/App for distributing your content.

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