Raspberry Pi

This is among the best-selling British computers commonly used globally and manufactured in Pencoed Wales, china and japan. The raspberry pis are a series of small single-board pcs from the United Kingdom that were made aiming to develop school computer scientists but they ended up being used globally. The most creative thing about them is that they do not include peripheral devices in their making and their operating systems are Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, Windows 10 and Plan 9 among others. They are described as supplements for computer compatible machines and as programming assistance machines.

The Raspberry Pi won the innovation of the year award in 2012 and it has achieved high target marketing sales in the world.it is used in industrial automation as well as home automation because of its high performance, it saves energy and power consumption thus it’s affordable. It has evolved in various models releases to the latest smaller and cheaper model pi 3 model A+ of the year 2019.

The thing about the Raspberry Pi is its fast and efficient capabilities; firstly, it can be used to code therefore, many of its users learn to code electronics for projects. It helps people to tackle various home automation projects such as blocking of ads, setting up Postgres databases, building of projects via its camera and setting up word presses among others. The Raspberry Pi can be used as a media center where you enjoy a variety of movies, videos from apps like YouTube and so on under internet or Wi-Fi connections. It is also used for entertainment through retro games playing and running of experiments on global space stations. Its latest model has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which makes it an advanced and convenient technology that is being accepted globally.

Raspberry Pi serves in scenarios where just a small computing logic is required in an architecture like streaming few cameras from a onsite location to cloud, coordinating some devices from a central control point which does not much processing but just acts as a bridge, many more such scenarios.

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