Custom Android STB

These are the new technology television boxes that are gaining popularity fast globally. These are the devices that you can plug into your television and watch a variety of videos from sites or applications as well as shows. They can run the operating systems of android televisions and have been in use since 2014 when the majority switched from using the former Google TV. Just like the android phones, these Set Top Boxes have many releases that have updates of new versions that are available from time to time so people have to keep up with the latest versions.

When built into smart televisions, the capabilities of entertainment are enhanced because viewers can access their favorite shows and extensive content. These Set Top Boxes enable users to access the apps displayed across the screen where they can set up favorites as well as get updates on recommended videos and shows. When using a customized android set-top box, you get access to the Google play store where you can download and install as many apps as possible to watch from. These include; Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, ABC, BBC I player among other applications that you can stream high-quality videos from.

As long as the application is compatible with the remote application, you get to install all the applications to watch your favorite shows from. The better part about the set-top boxes is the ability to download and run games, the feature of Google assistance integration and the ability to cast directly from your phone pc chrome to the television. There is also the feature of Bluetooth that makes these set-top boxes much convenient because you can use the connection to link it with other devices.

The benefits of these custom android set-top boxes include flexibility, affordability, and customization. Complete OS level customization so the smartTV runs as if on unique proprietary OS is possible.

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