Smart TVs: Advantage Hotels!

Vacations get better when you are staying in hotel rooms where you can stream or continue watching your favorite reality shows and continue enjoying your Netflix episodes as expected.

SmartTV is both a television set with advanced Internet abilities and a set-top box for a TV set that offers more advanced computing capability as well as connectivity than the basic used TV sets. The highly advanced hotels install these TV setups to enable clients to live stream and enjoy various shows online.

These SmartTVs require an internet connection to provide uninterrupted access to interactive services, streaming and internet applications. These features unlock productivity in terms of guests’ satisfaction which earns the hotels more income. Business conference meetings can be held in hotels board rooms much efficiently when smart TVs are installed. This makes presentations in such meetings easier and more industrious. There is a wide range of advantages that hotels, as well as the guests, enjoy after adapting the smart TV technology.

Firstly, managing all the guest rooms televisions adjustments can be conducted from a central point. That is, rooms TVs are managed remotely unlike the traditional hotel TV setups where each room had to be attended to fix connection issues and clients complaints about the TV in their rooms.

Secondly, guests can access room service by ordering through the smart TVs installed in their rooms. This saves on time thus enhances productivity because accessing every service is easy.

Thirdly, security against bugs is enhanced in smart TVs because there is a restriction of access to various platforms. The guest’s privacy is enabled thus efficiency is enhanced.

Lastly, advertising is enhanced in the form of ads, targeted advertising and this is generally good for the hotel business. Through local advertisements, the hotel markets itself and this eventually influences more guests and customers.

In conclusion, hotels that adopt smart TV technology lead in this industry by improving customer satisfaction. If you are a hotelier or a Content provider looking to explore the Smart TV ecosystem in Hotels, you can contact us for solution consultations.

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