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OTT exemplifies over the top and it refers to the providence of media, Film or television content through an uninterrupted internet connection rather than a cable or satellite platform.

The young generation has made over the top popular due to their high usage of the applications that enhance the live streaming of movies anytime, anywhere. People can gain access to over the top content on a PC however; it is regularly watched through a device with internet access, connected to a TV set.

People tend to confuse a video and OTT but the difference is that over the top is used as a medium to deliver video content through a high-speed internet connection.

Firstly, OTT includes over the top video viewers that watch movies or videos or films through any application that allows live streaming, for example, YouTube, the commonly used Netflix app and the amazon video.

Secondly, the linear OTT video service users that subscribe to services that offer live television channels over the internet for a monthly subscription or weekly. These include sling TV, YouTube TV, and PlayStation Vue.

Lastly, there is the connected TV {CTV} (or SmartTV) or internet protocol TV users that use televisions connected to the internet through smart TVs. These include the Apple TV and ROKU. Other OTT applications use the internet to enable sending of messages and video calls such as WhatsApp, Skype, and I messages.

The benefits of using the OTT applications are extensive; they enhance a wide range of advertisements from ads, to local advertisements as well as enabling mobile marketing through apps. These applications also enable live user segmentation and lastly, OTT has enhanced customers to access modern technologies at affordable rates for instance the monthly subscriptions to enjoy Netflix movies.

With the growing broadband internet access, the future of OTT is undisputed because the opportunities will become extensive. Team Nutcrackerz offers end to end OTT Architecture & Software solutions. You can contact us for exploring more in this space.

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