Hotstar IPL Streaming – Available for free! Insecure Streaming Architecture…

NOTE: This post was posted in 2019 and the Hotstar stream has been secured with Akamai DRM since then, and now the streams cannot be hijacked as below. (2020 IPL Streams are secure and cannot be watched for free by hijacking URLs)

Seems, there is NO DRM protection enabled for Hotstar streams. So the Free 10 minutes watch time that Hotstar provides- is actually limited only by their Web Video Player!!

You can easily just open hotstar web.. play a live cricket stream.  Select your preferred language. Once stream starts, Right Click inspect, go to network tab, search for m3u8 and grab the M3U8 url request that has come in recently, and you can play that url forever! 😀

LOL, there is not even an AES128 which is very trivial to secure the streams with.

The play urls look like below snapshot: like today’s match: https://*****/ipl2019/eng/fulldvrm0131march2019/master_3.m3u8

master_1 -> lowest quality … to…

master_5-> highest quality.

Screenshot 2019-03-31 at 4.22.55 PM.png

you can go to this page Bitmovin Test Player  select HLS and enter URL and play it there 😛

[or] you should be able to play the m3u8 url above in chrome with this extension:

It plays directly on safari on Mac and directly on chrome on Android. It can play on any web player that can play a HLS URL.

So IPL Streaming is actually free and NO Hotstar VIP required! 😀 LOL Hotstar -> with so much investments going in …. cant they just invest on DRM!? Makes you wonder!. SInce its mentioned DVR mode. i think it might have full recording as well! And it is easy to download the recorded version if available!

Hope Hotstar notes this soon!?

2 responses to “Hotstar IPL Streaming – Available for free! Insecure Streaming Architecture…”

  1. Hello sir in 2020 September how use?? Hoststar live url
    Because it’s not auth but other users like thoptv using it

    1. nutcrackerzadmin Avatar

      Helo, they will probably capture and restream. not easy to crack thru a DRM stream

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