What is ReactJS? What do we get out of it?

ReactJS is a Javascript based framework, used for creating the UI layer for your web applications. It helps us create a declarative and component based extensible UI code. It helps in rendering single page application more optimally and more aptly for improved User eXperience.

Advantages in more detail:

  • Declarative UI code – meaning there is demarcation between UI look and feel and behaviour. You just declare the data-bound Components – for e.g.. a error message property can already render a UI error element if its set. The behaviour of how error event get thrown and how its all behaving as an application is completely different. The UI is declarative – in the sense it has data and View UI (ModelView layer, if you will) declared but collective behaviour of components are resting in a completely different part of code. You UI Is now extensible and can be easily worked upon by different members or different teams.
  • Component based code – The ReactJS conceptually involves creating separate/independent components which in essence gives a possibility to use same code across multiple devices.
  • Completely javascript with some syntax from ES6 and JSX. Easy to write and future proof considering a small initial learning curve.
  • Mobile app support with react-native library – which is more powerful than other non-native based javascript mobile app frameworks.
  • UI can be rendered completely on server side or client side depending upon your projects’ needs.

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