Simple Finance: Where, more of a thing means- less of that thing!

It certainly is one of those stories, that would leave a mark if u heard it! The spaniards, the conquistadors – the fools they were! And now, many of us are!

The Americas came into being, so did the mines! Silver, gold all of it. The wealth creation was to them accumulation of the wealth representer, vis-a-vis, Money! Money was Silver.

Everyone needed money, and more of it? well good then, we will get more of it – there’s America, that we found! So wealth indeed, they were to accumulate. Import they did, loads of it. Now came the most important thing, how much more can a representer represent than what to be represented! Haha! The wealth that came in did not change any meaning or value of what they had, it just represented it with more! Apples that they got for half a silver, were not got for 2 silvers! The sheer irony baffles – they thought more of Silver, now they were thinking less of the Silver, even with more of it!

Underlying valuable is always something we do not tend to think about. A beggar’s ₹1 (read $1 if u do not know the Indian Rupee ₹) is not the same as a wealthy person’s ₹1. Now that we know it, whose more valuable! well, thats food & drinks for thought!

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