Simple, Basic Vim Configuration: NERDTREE, ctrlp, easygrep

Note: If you are very new to vim. I would suggest you take a walk thru–net-19692 and the free content from

Have been trying to get working over vim, since all the other editors at one point of time have given a problem of some sort.

Here are the features I use in a text editor while coding:

  • browse thru project folder
  • open files in tabs
  • search for word in files
  • search for a filename to open from current project.


And this is what I have configured it as now, seemingly a better Sublime for me now!

First install pathogen (
-> Then install nerd tree (
-> Install easygrep for searching (
-> then,

Installing plugins is just copy pasting the plugin folders into the ~/.vim/bundle folder once you have pathogen installed.

Now my editor looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 4.30.22 PM.png

Will discuss more on the usage of this for effective development process later in future posts!

You can get my vimrc file from here

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